Grace Bortolazzo



Client: EHPlabs Holdings
Services: Signage Design, Copywriting
Year: 2018-2019

EHPlabs Holdings required a wayfinding system for their new HQ. With multiple meeting rooms and a heavy foot traffic of hard-working staff about the place, it was relevant to create a space that encouraged a healthy work ethic and a self-empowered mentality like the business’ motto “Empowered Human Potential”. Calling on movers and shakers from years yonder, the key meeting rooms around the office [named after Arnold, Oprah and Nelson] share an inspired piece of copy that instils an uplifting sense of teamwork and limitless potential within each space. Neon signs and quirky accents of copper and acrylic adorn the walls as clever indicators of what is behind a door, with a signature title in residence on the outside facade of the office - just incase you didn’t know it was EHPlabs’ HQ!

The above works were designed under the employment of EHPlabs Holdings.

53218936_831628757177212_7259440520693284864_n copy.jpg