Grace Bortolazzo


KMP Banner-01.png

Client: Workouts By Katya
Services: Branding, Front of house web design, Photography, Illustration
Year: 2018-2019

Kiss My Peach is a Los Angeles based brand with national and international outreach to swimwear enthusiasts. With product on the way, this client requested a brand identity and website that would showcase her products in a fun and summer inspired way, while linking to her infamous catchphrase of “kiss my peach”! Having launched in February 2019, the fun project that was focused around swimwear, summer-loving and signature fruits almost too obviously required a custom sketched logo. The single-lined peach acts as the icon of the brand, a nice summary of the light-hearted, flowing and playful brand offering. 

The above work was designed under the employment of EHPlabs Holdings.

Kini Mockup.jpg
KIni mobile.jpg