Grace Bortolazzo



Client: Blessed
Services: Product Redesign, Brand Marketing, Copywriting
Year: 2019

Blessed is a vegan-friendly plant protein that has become widely used both nationally and internationally thanks to its’ founder EHPlabs. The client felt that the existing brands’ look and feel has quickly become outdated since its’ genesis in January of 2018. It was the clients’ belief that the current more simplified look limited the brands ability for social media outreach. The main aim was to develop a label for this product that affectively communicated the brands’ ethos, emphasised the unique and superior quality of the product substance, and opened up talking points for fans and ambassadors trying to engage the tub with their online audiences. 

The proposed redesign engages with the common lifestyle habits of those wanting to be more environmentally conscious - the amber bottle being a nod to the recycled jars we take with us to whole-food stores, the grain like colouring a nod to plant-based diets and earthy beginnings. The reflection of an illustrated plant pattern on the label is also a signifier of these same principles. Ideally, it was proposed that the labels be printed from a recycled material and utilising vegan-friendly inks in the printing method. What differentiates this design from others on the market is its ability to story-tell, and its’ illuminating size! 

The above proposed concept was designed under the employment of EHPlabs Holdings. 

Blessed Tubs-01.png